Contractor Services

As a full service General Building Contractor, FullFab, Inc. offers a full range of services during pre-construction, construction and post-construction phases of a project. The scope
of services is outlined below and is determined by the needs of each project.


  • FullFab, Inc. - Pre-Construction Work with owner and other members of project team i.e., architect, engineer, construction manager, property manager, etc., to review project requirements.
  • Ascertain building regulations, construction standards, approval processes, approved contractor lists and procedures for coordinating the construction work with building owner and/or his agent and building staff.
  • Review architectural plans and specifications and complete an independent take-off of each unit of construction to identify sub-trades necessary for completion of project.
  • Pre-qualify subcontractors.
  • Review scope of project with subcontractors and obtain estimates from each.
  • Analyze completeness of subcontractor estimates to ensure all items in scope are included.
  • Establish and maintain submittal procedures.
  • Identify material and equipment with long lead times.
  • Develop realistic budget estimates of total project costs.
  • Create a project construction schedule.
  • Adjust cost estimates and project schedule as necessary when changes are made.
  • Administer contracts with subcontractors.

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  • FullFab, Inc. - Construction Coordinate with architect and subcontractors to obtain all necessary permits, licenses, certificates and approvals required.
  • Maintain construction schedule and project budget.
  • Comply with building and safety codes.
  • Supply full time or part time on-site superintendent as required.
  • Coordinate, schedule and supervise work of trade contractors.
  • Conduct regularly scheduled job meetings throughout the construction process.
  • Review change order requests, obtain cost estimates, and determine schedule impact. If accepted, prepare and obtain signed approvals/contracts and implement work into schedule.
  • Prepare and submit all applications for payment in accordance with established procedures. Review and process pay requests, billings and invoices.
  • Coordinate all required inspections with City Building Department and make corrections when required.
  • Oversee and manage any project delays or cost overrides.
  • Obtain as-built drawing and forward to architect for approval.
  • Conduct any Fire Life Safety tests, HVAC tests, etc., as required.

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  • FullFab, Inc. - Post-Construction Coordinate completion of any punch list items. Obtain a signed letter of completion of punch list items.
  • Manage closeout schedule and activities.
  • Assemble closeout package including all guarantees, warranties, operating manuals, and as-built drawings as required by contract documents and forward to proper parties.
  • Obtain and review all releases of claims from subcontractors, vendors and suppliers required prior to issuance of final payments to them.
  • Prepare certificates of substantial and final completion as required.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy as required.

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